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our story

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Thank you so much for visiting Arwa Shawl. I hope you liked what you saw.

I started Arwa because I wanted to add some color to the hijab and help women wear it with pride.

Arwa is a Sri Lankan brand, and all our shawls are hand-made with a lot of attention to detail. It is still very much a cottage industry, with a group of ladies, much like you and me who juggle family commitments and help produce these beautiful pieces. 

I’m so, excited to take this brand beyond our shores to serve so many other amazing women.


Khalida Jameel

What we offer

Monthly New Releases

Our design house is constantly on the look out for inspiration, we can't help it


Digitally Accessible

We are constantly available on all social and mobile channels, including whatsApp. Give us a shout

Limited Edition Peices

Your uniqueness is assured, Remember, if you see something you like grab it before it is gone

Find Your Colour

Find almost every shade and hue of nude, pastel and popular colour choices 


Craftmanship Assured

We believe in punching above our weight in what ever we do 



Handmade Embelishments

From Embroidery, Bead & Stone work to Contemporary Style embellishments. We do it all 

Customization Options

Customizations are possible, drop us a message with your thoughts


We Are Creative

And that's the bottom line 




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